Monday, March 26, 2012

Surprise at Mint Springs

Downy Rattlesnake Plantain~ this is a new plant for me~ its is a type of orchid

 Gabey was proud of his fungi

 Someone looks mighty pleased with herself, no?

 Lots of good climbing rocks!

We were just going to stop by the lake to catch a few critters.... it was raining when we headed out....  Three hours later we had had a fabulous, sunny hike, explored a new trail, climbed rocks, discovered new flora, and the critters!  My!  We our now the careful keepers of:

1 salamander
1 bullfrog tadpole
1 medium sized tadpole
Many Many toad eggs that started hatching today!
1 tiny painted turtle
and (my favorite) 1 gloppy mud sucker, also know as a dragonfly nymph, named Tonks

The hike really was lovely~ that was the surprise~ this is the lake we swim at in the summer, but we had neglected the trails!

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