Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hodge Podge

A picture from Ella
It says "happy love in a cozy home". On the back there is a picture of our house.
Ella took this artsy shot of the design she made on the Othello board:
Lovely morning shadows


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Falling faintly

We had a busy day of snowy activity, but before I close the curtains on this day, I thought I would leave you with my waking thought. Which was: "Snow is general all over Ireland" from the last scene in The Dead. Thanks to youtube I got to watch and listen to Gabriel's moving lines. Did anyone know this is where I first loved the name Gabriel? Here it is for all who care to enjoy:

Doe sent me this mesmerizing and moving clip, again for all who are interested:

Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I logged my two miles to the doctor's office and back, but later in the afternoon we all walked over to Kendal to do a little "exploring". The rain had washed tons of sandy silt up onto the banks so we dug for buried treasure. I thought I had found the best piece of pottery ever, then realized it was only a large chunk of a Styrofoam cup! (The kind with a blue design on it. HA!) Ella lugged this piece of wood all the way back home. She thought it would make a nice backdrop for a woodland scene. :) I'm thinking a cool bench. This picture is from yesterday, but my how I am loving this face right now!
And thank you all for your kind comments! They make us smile!


A few shots from our bike ride to the library yesterday:I saw this plaque on a gravestone:
(I am going to google Woodmen of the World, it sounds like a society I'd like to be a part of.)
Gabriel pedaling towards old Stonewall himself:
I can't tell you how glad I was NOT to have four wheels yesterday. We all bundled up because when you first step outside it always feels so *cold*. Then, by our first stop at the end of the street, the munchkins had shed their hats and coats and gloves. We detoured through the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery and spent a good 45 minutes riding on the walkways and playing hide and seek. It seems when you have a car at your disposal the places you need to go are just errands to run, and when you don't, they turn into an adventure.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Added Perk

One of the many rewards of mothering I discovered today is:

when you are in a hair chopping mood, you don't have to sacrifice your own locks, just take a scissors to your boys hair instead! Granted, they needed it. Gabriel's was accomplished by sitting him in front of a bag of marshmallows AND jellybellys. So, it couldn't have been all bad.

In other news...

I finally heard from the claims adjuster today that he Thinks our car will be ready by FEB. 4!!!!!! Another whole week of house boundedness! Really, it is a good lesson in patience, and we've been getting some nice walks/bike rides in besides. Today to Ella's choir practice, yesterday to a friend's house and last Sunday to church (in the rain at 9AM). Ella nearly cried her eyes out at the prospect of missing Sunday school. Tomorrow we're planning to ride to the library, but I will definitely have to limit the number of books we check out! Here's to our *staycation*!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010




Still sledding

Two (three?) weeks later and the sledding is faster than ever!