Friday, March 16, 2012

Hung a new swing today!  We were originally going to make a tire swing from one of the many old tires down in the gully, but they are all dried out and caked with muck that you just can't seem to ever get out.  So, we hit on this idea... just a branch from a tulip tree.  It's prettier and I think more fun too!  We had quite a time trying to hook the rope over the branch.  We had duct taped the rope to a ball, and everyone had to have a chance to prove their arm in getting it high enough to go over the limb and not snag in any of the smaller branches.  I finally got the glory, after many tries, and even a few suggestions that we needed to wait for daddy.  hmmm.  I'm not sure just how high it is, but you can see the trunk of the oak tree the swing is attached to in the last picture.  Let's hope the knot holds!

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