Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So this is Spring!

                The tulip trees across the way are growing green, the maples already fading to orange

                               Ella picked me this sweet bouquet and put it in an ivy leaf basket

 Joshua spent his entire day yesterday making this tree fort.  He was back up in it first thing this morning.

Tulip trees unfurling

First day of spring notes 2012:

*Saw first swallowtail yesterday, we've been seeing the little yellow sulphur butterflies for about a week 
*First bat sighting (also yesterday)
*Redbuds are peak~especially driving on Dry Bridge Rd.~WOW!
*Pulling ticks off children daily
*Mockingbird singing this morning sounded like summer
*First day outside in bathing suits, first water balloon fight
*peepers peepers peepers!
*frogs on the road tonight after a thunderstorm!

I'm including this goofy video here, for fun, and because Hannah looks cute.  I took it about two weeks ago and already so much has changed!  I am no longer filling the feeder (birds are hopefully eating bugs), but we'll be hanging the hummingbird feeder soon!

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