Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mint Springs Take II

 Joshua said, "this is the first time I ever sat in a chimney."

 The "magic brook"

 Running back to the lake

 I love Ella's hiking/lake attire

 High tech equipment!

Swimming out there soon!

Mint Springs again today.  Hunting morels, and nothing, despite all the indicators: tulip trees, may apples, moistness, and the whole place was an old apple orchard.  We did hike up to an old homesite which was pretty cool.  We found quite a bit of crockery and there were lots of pieces of melted glass.  Saw two snakes, a black and a garter.  Came back down and caught more critters.  Most of them we threw back, but we did add a couple of diving beetles, a snail, and some fresh water to our home aquarium.

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