Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some bits about yesterday.  E, J and G played in the fort above all morning without quibbling!  They even let Hannah in for a bit, though the roof was not so stable.  Demolition and clean up went a little less smoothly, considering that the inside of their "house" was packed with stuff... you know wrapped up "presents" from nearby "villages" and the like, lamps, supplies, food, etc.  Very involved!

Next picture is of Gabriel's game he made up.  Talk about involved! There are guards, scouts and a jail.  Fortunately he makes my moves for me as well as his, because I really couldn't quite keep the rules straight.

Today was beautifully warm and sunny, so play was mostly outside ( I caught a glimpse of Ella prancing out in a gown, shawl and headdress).  Joshua and I did play several rounds of dominoes~ including blind Hughie~ which was the version he liked the best, and he played domino solitaire by himself for a long while after my time was up.  Last week we had gotten a book of domino games from around the world out of the library, which is where we were learning these games.  We read a few stories too.  Hedgie's Surprise, Virginia Lee Burton's Maybelle (not quite the caliber of Mike Muligan and Katy, but good), and The Greatest Skating Race by Louise Borden.  The last was an interesting WWII story from the Netherlands.  Appropriate because we had just watched Hans Brinker twice the week before.

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