Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two doors down from us, in our neighbor's yard, is a beautiful golden chestnut tree, complete with a rope swing that sails you out over the hillside. We spent the morning collecting chestnuts (Joshua had the idea of using tongs) and soaring on the rope swing. Ella brought along a clipboard and made a few sketches of the spiny shelled nuts. We're hoping to get at least a few nuts to taste, although all of the ones we've opened so far have been shriveled inside. Apparently that happens some years, according to a man that passed by while we were collecting. He also told us that there is a worm inside each nut, and to either roast them or freeze them as soon as you pick them or the worm will get all the tasty meat before you do!

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  1. so these pictures are awesome! and ella's outfit is the BEST EVER!!! i wish i could wear all that color!!!