Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wild Edibles part I

If there is one wild edible you try, make it mustard! Easily recognizable, healthful and amazingly delicious! Joshua tells me to slow down on our walks over to Kendal so he can nibble on the new flower buds. The lower greens can be boiled and cooked as you would spinach, but I prefer just to eat the greens and buds raw in a salad. Mixed with a little avocado and topped with a light oil and vinegar it can't be beat. Tucker had the brilliant idea to make mustard pesto. I've made two batches so far~one we ate and the other I froze. Ella devours this spread on triscuits, which I love because she's getting so many nutrients compacted into a tasty snack. One other cool note, unlike basil pesto this stays bright green, even when put on steaming pasta. Try some today!


  1. YUM - this looks like something even I would eat!

  2. Sorry I had not read this before we visited I would love to try it. I just love learning new things from our children and oh, there is so much to learn