Friday, April 16, 2010

Wild Edibles II

MMM... don't these tender young poke greens look divine? They did to me too, until I boiled them for thirty minutes to remove the phytolaccatoxin and ended up with a fistful of disgusting green mush. Supposedly you can really spice this green mush up by dousing it with bacon fat; but then you just have fatty mush that's totally devoid of nutrients after its been steaming up your kitchen for a half hour.

So, I'm going to pass on this plant as a food source unless I am in an extreme situation with a roaring campfire.

Other notes:
1. Pokeweed has beautiful berries in the late Summer that birds LOVE
2. The berries are great for smushing into all kinds of concoctions (non edible!)
3. Visit my new friend for tons of info on tasty plants (114 youtube videos! These are great midnight viewing material)


  1. Whoa! Your new friend is AWESOME!

    Too bad about the poke though... Guess we'll just have to wait for those berries to paint with. :)

  2. Great link!! Need to stop playing Lexulous and move on to wild edibles :)