Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Made a trip to Goodwill today. Gabriel spied this baseball shirt and was so excited to try it on that I just had to get it for him. We walked around downtown a bit, watched the construction workers, played on the cannon outside of the old courthouse and stopped in to see Tucker who fed us some buttered rolls and asparagus soup.
Back at home we played baseball in the yard, then went down to play REAL baseball on the field at Waddell, then back up to the yard to play catch.
Tried a new recipe for dandelion cookies, which didn't taste too much like dandelion (which I guess is a good thing), but were a pretty yellow hue.
We had KitKats for dessert, which led to me singing the KitKat theme song, which we then had to look up on YouTube, which led to this and then this, which led to figuring out how to play these songs on the keyboard. All of which made a great closing to a great day!

Sign of a real ball player
For you Papa
"the nerve has a nerve to say something"

Ella got the giggles

Afternoon snack


  1. I just got my daily dose of Rebel Ridge ROad. YUM! It's all YUMMY to me! Thank you.

  2. I love these photos. Thank you ,It is such a treat to come to your blog