Thursday, April 22, 2010

Big Bend walk

Our neighbor invited us on a woodland walk today, down a dirt road just about five miles South of our house. The ferns and wildflowers were remarkable! Let me just say ahead of time that I really tried to be selective with these pictures; I left out pictures of trillium, more ferns, Canada violets, wild columbine, bluebells and other flowers I haven't even identified yet. There were so many plants to see and know and learn about!


An exquisitely delicate fern that I don't know the name of. Whorls around in a crown like the maidenhair, but different. ID anyone?
Bloodroot leaf

Ella holding the picked stem with "blood" oozing out

Flower of the wild ginger

And my absolute FAVORITE! I only just became acquainted with the fruit of this tree last Summer. Here are the amazing flowers of a PAW PAW!


  1. You have an amazing eye, these photos are beautiful and I love the PAW PAW! TH
    hank you again Colleen!

  2. Ah the wonder of it all
    Your photos are so Beautiful

  3. Oh my goodness!!!!!! These photos are award-winning, superific! I love the way the light is shining through the blood root leaf. Can you eat the paw-paw fruits? In the fall, I guess? I just found a recipe for "sassy tassies" (like tea time tassies made with sassafrass. I also found a recipe for Sumac much to try!!!! I love you!