Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine from Joshua:
 Joshua makes these beer cap creations on and off when the mood strikes him.  He takes one of his collected caps, fills it with glue and then puts in bits of treasures from his treasure box.  He says they are really hard to make because they take a long time to dry and you have to prop the trinkets up just so.  I love this one so much because he made the paper heart purposely to put into his creation.

Ella and Joshua tickled my heart this morning whe they decided they needed a museum for their Lego town!  Some of the displays include,

Stuffed owls behind glass

A knight in shining armor, next to a bat (also behind glass)

Trophy with a gun ( I need to get the story behing this one)

Civil war cannon behind a "velvet rope"


  1. Cute..clever...cool! Your kids are amazing. I think Joshua needs a glue gun! He will be amazed :)

  2. A museum not to be missed. Ah, the wonder of it.