Wednesday, February 9, 2011


 Over a year ago, or maybe two, I found this game at a thrift store.  There were no directions in the box and I wasn't sure whether or not all the pieces were there, but I thought that the colored tiles looked like fun regardless.  I bought it and brought it home to a nice resting space in our game cupboard.  I couldn't find the directions online, but did email several contacts I found through a google search.  Weeks later, some kind folk at Front Porch Detroit emailed me back with directions!  I downloaded the file to our desktop where it sat until today...

Then curious hands picked Coloraddo off the shelf, directions were printed, read aloud, and the Yoders had a new game in their repertoire.  Our first game was indeed a fun and clever challenge (and Gabriel was very happy because he won); but the best part?  Discovering we had two missing tiles, and then deducing what color patterns were on those two tiles.  Amongst the seeming jumble of squares we sorted and counted and classified until we determined exactly what colors were missing.  Then the two boys completed our game by reproducing the missing pieces. 
Joshua has been clamoring to play again. 

And because this makes me smile, Gabriel eating his lunch today:


  1. Hello we also just bought this game at a thrift store without instructions. Might you be kind enough to post that instructions file online for others to use? Or to email it to jim at etcgroup dot org? Thank you!

  2. Hola yo tambien lo tengo al juego y no tengo las instrucciones, me las enviarías por mail?? gracias!!!
    Basilio franquelli