Friday, February 4, 2011

Getting ready for baby

A quick peak at some of our baby handmades that are pililng up around here.

I whipped up this pair of britches out of a felted wool sweater yesterday.  Just cut off the two sleeves and sewed them up with elastic in the top. 

I had done most of the knitting of this cobblestone vest as my little bit of solace while we were moving, but just recently sewed on the buttons.  This is so cute I might try to knit a bigger one soon.

Quite an outfit for a little baby:

These booties might be my favorite so far!  So quick and easy, just two pieces to sew up.  Of course I have no idea if they will fit, or whether they will even go on a baby's foot, but they are so cute!  I see lots of these in our family's future.

Hot off the presses today; a wee pair of leprechaun pants.  I was hoping the ribbing at the top would hold them up, but I think I may need to add a bit of elastic, or else bring the sides of the ribbing in.

A trio of hats!  It seemed everything I cut out left the perfect amount of fabric for a cap, hence this set.  Green and grey cashmere, white lambswool.

Wipes!  Forty of them to be exact.  Surging these off is a little addictive.  The blues are out of an old flannel sheet from my grandmother, the pink floral from some old pajama pants, and the sweet one in the middle is made out of a square of the nightgown Grandmom was wearing when she died.

My first attempt at wool pants.  I made these by using a pair of newborn pants as a pattern, but I think I prefer the two sleeve method. 
And I must mention out new laundry detergent!  I started out making it for baby clothes, but decided I loved it for all of our laundry.  I did go to the trouble of costing it out;  $0.12 a load!  It is so fresh.  Our first batch was lavender and Ella and Joshua just made a peppermint batch tonight.  How many 9 and 7 year olds can say they make their own laundry soap?


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING. . . . .the new baby clothes and wipes and hats and booties are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. You are so creative!!!!! What a great baby wardrobe. I love it! How beautiful that Grandmom's night gown will be cleaning a tender baby bottom. How lovely that her life has weaved its joy into her great-grandchild's layette. I know she is smiling in heaven!