Friday, November 19, 2010

November 19

I realized that I never posted anymore "scenes from New York" so I thought tonight would be a good night to add one.  Two men were blowing bubbles with gigantic wands made out of bamboo poles and string.  The wands were exactly like the bubble wands the kids and I made this Summer out of dowel rods, only bigger.  And of course these guys had a much bigger crowd and a hat out to collect cash! 

Notes from today:
Finished this book.  Highly recommended.

Helped Ella make a hat for her friend out of a felted wool sweater.  She was VERY pleased with the way it turned out, which was great because in the beginning she seemed close to tears.

Filled up the ipod with Christmas music

Ella made some comment about the "eternal hard drive" which made me laugh.  I really hope it is eternal because all of our pictures are stored on there. 

Joshua was gone until suppertime tonight after sleeping over at his friend's house last night.  I asked him if he missed me at all and he said, "No, I kind of forget about you when I'm doing other stuff."

Patched Ella's new favorite corduroys out of her old pair of favorite corduroys.

And otherwise puttered around doing the usual.  Oh, and today marks 27 weeks, but I didn't take a picture.

Also, a lego link for you.  Joshua wanted to know both how legos are made and in particular how the heads and faces are made.  This video shows both.


  1. Love the photo! What did you use to edit?

    ABout to check out the Lego link now...

    And you should let me do some belly photos for you!

  2. OK...That picture is TOTALLY cool. How did you do that??? It could win an award. Love hearing your daily notes!!! Joshua made me laugh!

  3. Seriously? That is an amazing photo. How you do dat? I also love reading your updates. I miss you all so much!!! xoxo Viv (sorry posting under Cha Cha's name)