Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Advent

 I am so pleased with the way our makeshift Advent wreath turned out.  I was tempted to have a single Advent candle for the center of our table, but the four candle wreath is a tradition all the children love so much, that I couldn't just do away with it.  Finding traditional purple and pink colored candles that don't smell horridly repulsive is a trick, so we splurged on beeswax tapers that smell delicious!

My idea yesterday was to write a highlight of each day of Advent here, in this space, to share (this is especially for you Mother Dear).  However, last night I fell asleep early, and blew my plans on the very first night!  So, while I won't promise every night, I will post our ITOTMs when I can. 

Yesterday was:
~Seeing Joshua outside passing the football with our neighbor

~The three children gathered in a tight little flock at the end of our row in church, arms around each other,  watching Father Joe light the first Advent Candle

~An impromptu Chile dinner at Maggie's, followed by malted chocolate cupcakes YUM!

~Knitting in the morning sun over breakfast

~Watching Joshua and Gabriel playing a *new* version of football together

~Seeing Joshua play football by himself...this is's like he's reenacting plays in slo-mo

 Finally finished my "newborn" hat, I'm guessing it will fit our baby in July, just when one needs a wool hat!

 Ella thought Star Baby might like to model

Joshua was SO proud of this football field he built today.  The end zone says VMI


  1. Your wreath is beautiful! And I really love those beeswax tapers. I use them year round but hadn't thought of using them for Advent--and you are right, the pink & purple non-beeswax ones I bought smell dreadful. Ugh.

    I did find a set of pink and purple beeswax tapers at Aquinas Books, but they were too pricey for this year...but for future reference, here's a link:

    Best wishes to you!

  2. I think your Advent wreath is beautiful! I am going to do that next year :) I can never find pink and purple candles that I like, anyway. I love you! XOOXO