Saturday, November 20, 2010


 After I read yesterday's post over, I realize I didn't mention Gabriel once! Yet he is the busiest little guy in the house!  So today, I am focusing on Gabriel, with a few examples of his creations that have popped up on the kitchen table recently.
And as for the sweetness factor, today when he was missing Ella he said, "Remember those wonderful chocolate muffins Ella made for us?  That was so nice."  She made the muffins at least six months ago when she was on her Jiffy muffin kick.

A set of stop signs Gabriel made all by himself!  As in cut out the shape and did the lettering and everything!  I guess walking by stop signs everyday left an impression in his mind.

Here he wrote down numbers 4-14.  Don't you love the four that looks like a goal post?  He said the eight is supposed to look like a bicycle wheel.  Once again this was his own idea.

Here he made an eight out of cuisinaire rods, then a nine.  Then asked what eight plus nine was.  I told him seventeen, which he made in green!  I tell you this kid astounds me!  He is fascinated by numbers, especially the concept of doubling numbers as in "what's 1+1? , 2+2? , 4+4? , 8+8?" etc... 


  1. I am totally impressed!!! Anyone who thinks "unschooling" doesn't worl needs to see this! So I suggest you put a "share" button on the bottom of your posts. Just go to the gadget section and you'll find it there. Then readers (like me) can share Gabriel's clever ideas with the world ;) So glad you're blogging again. This made my day! I love you, Gabes!

  2. Brilliant! And he looks so much like both of you! xoxoxo Vivikin

  3. AHHHH Gabriel! What a boy, I LOVE the stop signs.