Friday, January 29, 2010


A few shots from our bike ride to the library yesterday:I saw this plaque on a gravestone:
(I am going to google Woodmen of the World, it sounds like a society I'd like to be a part of.)
Gabriel pedaling towards old Stonewall himself:
I can't tell you how glad I was NOT to have four wheels yesterday. We all bundled up because when you first step outside it always feels so *cold*. Then, by our first stop at the end of the street, the munchkins had shed their hats and coats and gloves. We detoured through the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery and spent a good 45 minutes riding on the walkways and playing hide and seek. It seems when you have a car at your disposal the places you need to go are just errands to run, and when you don't, they turn into an adventure.

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  1. Ha! Ha! I had to laugh....I think Woodmen of the world is an insurance company. Travis got some Life Insurance through them, and when the first statement came, I thought, "Oh neat- travis joined a woodworking club." Isn't that an odd name for Life insurance?
    On another note, I think you have found a new way of life for you and your kids. I remember when my oldest kids were young, we walked everywhere on base b/c we didn't have a car. It kept me and shape and we felt much more freedom to stop and look at all the neat stuff.
    Love the pictures!!!!
    Love yoiur blog!
    Love you!