Friday, January 29, 2010


Today I logged my two miles to the doctor's office and back, but later in the afternoon we all walked over to Kendal to do a little "exploring". The rain had washed tons of sandy silt up onto the banks so we dug for buried treasure. I thought I had found the best piece of pottery ever, then realized it was only a large chunk of a Styrofoam cup! (The kind with a blue design on it. HA!) Ella lugged this piece of wood all the way back home. She thought it would make a nice backdrop for a woodland scene. :) I'm thinking a cool bench. This picture is from yesterday, but my how I am loving this face right now!
And thank you all for your kind comments! They make us smile!

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  1. SOOO adorable! Ella looks like a spokesmodel for Jed's wood treatment center... "What do you know wood?" I'm so glad You and Ella have this blog- I look forward to seeing each update. Please don't do too much!! (Besides being a lovely sister and wonderful Mom :) ) XOXO Viv
    P.S. You could sell that styro treasure on ebay...