Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Added Perk

One of the many rewards of mothering I discovered today is:

when you are in a hair chopping mood, you don't have to sacrifice your own locks, just take a scissors to your boys hair instead! Granted, they needed it. Gabriel's was accomplished by sitting him in front of a bag of marshmallows AND jellybellys. So, it couldn't have been all bad.

In other news...

I finally heard from the claims adjuster today that he Thinks our car will be ready by FEB. 4!!!!!! Another whole week of house boundedness! Really, it is a good lesson in patience, and we've been getting some nice walks/bike rides in besides. Today to Ella's choir practice, yesterday to a friend's house and last Sunday to church (in the rain at 9AM). Ella nearly cried her eyes out at the prospect of missing Sunday school. Tomorrow we're planning to ride to the library, but I will definitely have to limit the number of books we check out! Here's to our *staycation*!


  1. Wow! You did a great job on the kids' hair!!!!
    I love your attitude...I know it must be so hard to be stuck at home. Even if you don't go anywhere(when you have a car) you know that you are at least able to if you want!! I'm glad you live close to everything. I had to smile, picturing you trecking home from the library...don't overdo it! You are making such fun memories for the kids. PS- glad to see you posting again!

  2. I love that you're walking and biking everywhere! That's one of a handful of things I miss about living in town.

    So, how long will it take you to hike over the mountain for a visit? ;)

  3. Handsome boys with a great mom!

  4. You all are welcome to hike on up to our house anytime! And we make a nice half-way point from the library if you need some hot cocoa to fuel the return trip...