Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A jersey all her own

Long ago when Ella was a little tyke, a friend brought her back this soccer uniform from England.  She wore it.  Lots.  Then Joshua wore it.  When Gabriel grew big enough he wore it too.  Now, I'm no longer sure that we have this snazzy outfit, though it could be hiding in a box somewhere.  Anyhow, Joshua heard me lamenting over the fact that Hannah will not get to wear this, and set about making her a soccer jersey of her own.  He cut out the red stripes, and asked me to cut out the number eleven for him (Not just two lines, Mama!  Real ones!)  We sewed them on together using the machine. Hopefully he will have better control over a gas pedal when he learns to drive than he does over the presser foot!  Joshua is really proud that his little sister can now be a part of all the soccer fun happening over here!

~The top picture was taken when Gabriel was two weeks old
~Gabriel had just gotten his first buzz cut in the picture of him weating the uniform
~Joshua took the number eleven picture (11 was his jersey number when he played soccer last fall)
~Hannah is lying on her brand new blankie by Bee in the last picture!

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  1. This is such a lovely and loving story. Joshua should be very proud and I am smiling through some mighty happy tears. Thank you.