Thursday, February 4, 2010

My advice for you...

...hang a map where you eat! We have ALL learned so much just by having a map on our dining room wall. Even Gabriel can name the continents and find scattered tidbits (like the panama canal and Madagascar). A common request is, "can you ask us a map question?"

We are also trying Journey North this year. Ella is still a bit young for all the math work (like finding the photo phase for the day), but because of this project we have started discussing terms both she and Joshua can understand (such as latitude, longitude, equator etc.). Battleship has spontaneously become the number one game in the house this week, and it happens to be very useful in explaining grids and the coordinate system!

Just to top things off I got a book in the mail this week from paperbackswap called How to be Naturally Geographic! With the upcoming Olympics I am sure there will be even more "map talk" than usual. My this is exciting!

Here's breakfast with our map (notice the syrup dripping off Ella's forkful of bacon?):
And who knew India was almost the same size (and color) of a Dorito?


  1. Homeschooling at its best! I love it! I will take your advice to heart and move our world map to the kitchen! I think we will try Journey North, too, this year! Love you!~

  2. Bacon. . .dorritos. . . and learning! What a treat.