Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Snow Snow Snow Snow

We awoke to our first snow of the season! There was much hustle and bustle and finding of boots and snowpants, hats and gloves even before the hot chocolate was served this morning. The munsters were in and out, in and out as they got cold outside and then came in to warm up. I got a little weary (dare I say grumpy?) as mountains of coats and woolens were strewn about each in their own melting pool of snow. However, we put on Johnny Mathis, hung everything out to dry and did a bit more decorating.

In the afternoon we headed out to the George C. Marshall Museum at VMI, where Ella and Joshua made an ornament and card each to send to our troops overseas. Dear Joshua was worried that the soldiers wouldn't have a Christmas tree to hang his ornament on.

After supper and a traditional Saint Nicholas story, we put our shoes out on the doorstep. I hope they are filled with goodies in the morning!
I think Joshua was worried Saint Nick couldn't get through for the snow; he left this out with his shoes:

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  1. Oh I hope Santa does have a salt truck. . . .Happy SNOW! love to all!