Saturday, December 12, 2009

It was gingerbread house day here today! Much sugar was consumed by all before the morning was over. They even dug out the Halloween candy bag for an extra variety of supplies. Finally a use for all those smarties!

The snowmen peeps are just the cutest!
The three chillins with their respective houses:

Ella was extra proud of this Hershey bar wheelbarrow:

And the table set for two:


  1. I think this settles the question we were discussing earlier tonight- about the importance of taking time to be creative with our kiddos. You are such a great mom, and these little houses are adorable!!!! Miss Ella, I love your table for two. Can I come have tea?

  2. I can't decide if I want to eat them or just keep them forever. . . .what great houses you made, they are almost as beautiful as each of you!

  3. Do you take advance reservations for your Starlight Mint seats? If not, we would be happy to sit by the Hershey wheelbarrow. Also, are there any accomodations available in any of those deluxe gingerbread cottages? I simply adore gummy bears and marshmallows!