Saturday, November 28, 2009

Last night we participated in the annual candlelight procession and tree lighting ceremony here in Lexington. We started at the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery and walked the four or five blocks to Hopkins Green where our town Christmas tree was waiting to be lit. The night was windy and cold, we had had our first snow flurries earlier in the day. As a result, our candles kept blowing out and everyone was more or less sprinting to reach the tree, but when we got there the effect was truly magical. Luminaries were lit around the brick walkways and candles were being re lit to glow on people's faces. The lights popped on on the tree and we all sang the first Christmas carols of the season.
Afterwards we went out for sushi. Joshua particularly liked his "cow" as he insisted on calling the beef teriyaki, but the highlight of his whole night was the green tea ice cream. (Yuck!) Which, when the waiter asked us how it was, Joshua nearly shouted, "We like it!"


  1. I love the candlelit photography Colleen. . . the whole thing sounded wonder-filled.