Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Devil's Marble Yard

Monday we took advantage of the unseasonably warm sunshine and went hiking to Devil's Marble Yard. I thought it was just a one mile hike, but it turned out to be at least three round trip with a very steep rock scramble at the top. Joshua charged up the mountain like he was on a dirt bike, Ella mostly enjoyed the creek crossings, and Gabriel happily freeloaded on Tucker's back three quarters of the way. The "marble yard" is a massive mountain side covered in boulders (Antietam quartzite) that looms larger and larger the closer you get. At many points on the way up we thought we were almost there, only to be fooled by a bend in the trail.
I would have loved to enjoy the sunset from the top, but after a quick peak treat of teddy grahams, we scurried back down and returned to our Subaru at dusk. Picked up cheese steaks on the way home and called it a night.

Love this hiking outfit!

Wild ginger root grows rampant all around the trail


  1. What a neat place. It almost looks like you're out west!!!!

  2. Another amazing adventure. . . .it looked scary I myself would be staying in the creek with Ella and her elegant hiking ensemble.