Wednesday, November 14, 2012

(My) Birthday Post!

Woke up early to rain.  I was so happy to see the sun a few hours later!  We went for an easy sunny walk in a field just down the road.  I have been wanting to walk here for a long time, but it just hadn't happened, so I was really happy to be there!  Little peoples were very concerned about all the No Trespassing signs. In fact, at first they didn't want to walk there they were so afraid.  One little guy refused to move without carrying the cinnamon buns along (I think that's why he is not in picture above).  Needless to say we got off to a bit of a rocky start, but in the end the fact that we were "trespassing" (on Miller School property) just added to the sense of adventure I think.  We did bring the cinnamon buns along to eat in the cemetery.

The afternoon was filled with dinner preparations, busy cake baking and pasta rolling for fall squash raviolis, all of which I was only allowed to peep in at as I was on strict orders to relax.

 Ready for dinner!  Happy Hannah at the head of the table.

 Bringing in the cake!  What a cake it was!  Chocolate with malted chocolate frosting and coconut pastry cream!!!!

Topped with rose petals of course.  Thank you to all who made my birthday so special!