Friday, October 5, 2012

Big Meadows Camping Expedition

Heading out for a frolic in Big Meadows:

 The meadow is a maze of small pathways, just perfect to run through!

Lots of milkweed everywhere

Ella capturing the magic of milkweed fluff:

Picking more milkweed for floating fluff shots:

Lichens, ferns, flowers, and wild grasses:

Black and yellow argiope:

Back at our campsite.  The boys on top of the bear safe, and Hannah sneaking brownies!

By the campfire, cooking beans

Morning at the campsite.  The first night was beautiful with the full moon shining through the tent and the first crisp air of the season.  Big Meadows is a large campground, but this walk-in site was fairly secluded.  The AT ran just behind it and there was also a spring.  SO many deer!

One stop on our 5.5 mile hike on the Hark Hollow Falls/ Rose River Falls Loop.  This was the farthest the kids have hiked before.  They all did great, especially considering the steep terrain, and the rain for the last mile.

Gabriel was really excited to be on this hike.  He stopped to investigate every crevice and wanted to climb every rock.

This little sweetie had the best time tossing leaves in the water.

The trail followed the river and there were so many beautiful cascades and small waterfalls as we walked along.  Bright yellow birch leaves gave us our first taste of fall.

Our hike ended in the rain.  We nosed about in the visitor center for a bit and then returned to our campsite.  The weather let up enough to get a fire going and heat up some chili.  That night in our tents the rain poured, the wind howled, and Hannah wasn't happy.  We packed up the next morning and headed home.  I was a little disappointed.  I had lots of potential hikes planned out for us.  But, as Tucker said, we can always come back.  I feel so fortunate to live near the Blue Ridge.

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  1. What a beautiful pictorial of your stay on the Blue Ridge. Thanks Colleen!