Thursday, September 6, 2012

Under the Hemlocks

Ella, Joshua and Gabriel each had stores set up under the hemlock trees yesterday.  Ella had a tea shop, Joshua was selling truffles (I wasn't sure if they were the chocolate or fungal variety), and Gabriel was selling mushrooms and insect wings.  All these pictures were taken right there underneath the trees!  There are so many mushrooms out right now and my camera card and iphoto library are full of mushrooms.  So, consider this fair warning: many more FUNgi pictures to come!

Oh!  This was Tucker's haul from yesterday morning~ mostly chicken of the woods.  Joshua has taken to eating chantrelle omlettes for breakfast.  Hannah licks the plate for him when he finishes!
This  morning we went out looking in our woods and Joshua found one chantrelle which he came home and sauteed for himself:)  Gabriel found a deer skull, vertebrae and rib bones.

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  1. It's mushroom mania at the Yoders. Somehow you turn something I have always tried to avoid into something beautiful and amazing. AMAZING!Looking forward to more FUNgi!