Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When We Hiked the Mountain

Introducing my guest blogger Joshua :)  

We couldn't see this toad until Daddy showed us where it was:

I took this picture (Gabriel)
It's a multi-colored lichen:

This is a stink bomb.  It was very stinky:

I took this (Gabriel):

This is the first picture we took:

A leaf mark in a stump:

This was a mushroom forest made of mushrooms:

Daddy and Gabriel and I (Joshua) went on a trail that was three miles.  The trail looked like a mushroom.  We took about five detours into the woods.  We climbed a few rocks.  Big rocks.  We collected some mushrooms.  We lost a hat.  We went back two times to find it, and the last time we couldn't find it.  We hiked up steep hills.  Gabriel was ready to go home.  When we got to the top of the hill, we walked down and then we were at the end.  We looked at the big map and saw the trail we had just hiked.  We got back at noon, and we hadn't had breakfast!

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  1. What a wonder-filled hike and great blog. I love the picture of the toad. . . . I could hardly see it in the picture until I read your caption. You Yoder boys are really something! I love you all.