Thursday, December 1, 2011

 Sometime, somewhere back, I read about dyeing wool with koolaid.  I even bought a couple of koolaid packets that then sat on my pantry shelf for months.  Whenever Gabriel saw them he would ask, "when are we going to dye?"  (and of course I always thought he had said "when are we going to die?").  Anyhow, our DYEing day finally happened!

You first soak the wool in a vinegar solution for 15 minutes.

We used pieces of felt, yarn, and a small amount of wool roving.  Turns out that our felt wasn't 100% wool, because the color didn't stay in it as well as it should have, but our results were beautiful!

Gabriel really saturated his felt!

Santa bibs helpful, but not necessary. 

To set the dye, you pop it in the microwave for two minutes covered in plastic wrap.  When it comes out, you let it sit for two minutes.  Then, if the water in the dish is clear, you are finished!  If the water is still colored, you microwave it for two more minutes.

The yarn turned out most beautiful of all!  Next time we will dye more yarn and use more colors!

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