Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bike Boys

Today Joshua was waiting out in the van while I got our things ready to go to Crozet.  When I came out he said, "You know, we could live in here.  We've got air conditioning and lemonade.  We could just drive around and this could be our house."  He was quiet for a moment and then said,"Oh, but what about he Christmas tree?"

 Joshua has rescued my bike from its lonely state in the basement and has been cruising around like a madman.  He just astounds me!  This is a BIG bike for a seven year old to be riding!

Gabriel, meanwhile, has upgraded to Joshua's bike!  I have to keep reminding myself (for many reasons) that he is only four.


  1. seriously??? this post has me teary eyed. i love these boys more than any other boys on the planet. Thank you for being such a wonderful mother and for bringing these incredible people into my life. I love you!!!