Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hannah is happy enough to participate in one of Ella's games.  Evidently eating pineapple out of a jar while rocking your baby is a necessary part of playing mama.

Dressed as spies...that's what they told me!  Joshua was hiding a camera made out of a block under his hat.  I guess the drawstrings are tied up for extra security?  Ella looks so inconspicuous, no?  The gloves of course are so she will not leave fingerprints.  And Gabes I think was dragged into the whole thing, maybe to make them appear "normal". 


  1. The Secret Agents look like they are on the case. . .and the gloves and hat. . . .well what can you say! I love seeing your children - all of them at play! THank you.

  2. Your Blog is WONDERFUL! The photos of Joshua and Hannah are so very special, such tenderness. Thank you