Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why I love the Olive Tree

Check out all this loot!
1 fantastic cement mixer (which you can really mix water and mud in and have it pour out the chute)
2 packages of unopened GLIDE floss!
1 Music Maestro game by Aristoplay
1 Coloraddo game
All for a grand total of $.79!!!!
That's right seventy nine cents. At a little thrift store in Crozet. And look, from that little trip I have already learned about a racket, a Renaissance wind instrument!

Watch this racket in action:
(30 seconds only)

Youtube has videos of krumhorns too.
I think I now know where that expression comes from "what a racket!"


  1. I love the Olive Tree too!

  2. YAY!!!!I love the Olive TRee! Went there a couple of weeks ago for bag sale and found several neat board games! Can't wait to check out your games. Love the expression on Joshua's face :)